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Business Application Assessment

UIS can provide strategic consultations on industry-specific applications and best practices

Do you feel like there must be a better way to get the work done in the office?  UIS Technology Partners can determine if your business processes and business applications are able to keep up with your company’s operation.  With a Business Applications Assessment, we can identify where waste and inefficiencies are occurring and suggest actions to take that will streamline your processes to make your organization more effective.

We begin the assessment by gathering information on the different business applications being used by the organization.  Then we will observe the business processes for areas of improvement and consult with your designated team leaders.  Next we complete an exhaustive review of industry standard practices. Finally we deliver our findings and recommendations to the company management.

The Business Application Assessment will investigate these activities and make recommendations in some of the following areas:

  • How much duplication of data inputting occurs between different applications.
  • How much of the paper processing can be done electronically.
  • Is mission critical data consolidated and stored in a central place or do workers each have their own versions of the data?
  • Are there any workflow or decision point bottlenecks?
  • Obtain an inventory of the current application software and versions being used by the staff.
  • Are there any business functions being performed manually that can be enhanced with software.  


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