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Outsourced network monitoring and maintenance in San Francisco Bay Area


At IT Support San Francisco UIS Technology Partners we understand that when it comes to managing your corporate IT network, you can’t wait until technology fails before you get help. UIS Managed Services provides you with cost effective, proactive monitoring and maintenance of your entire network structure for a flat monthly fee. From servers and desktops, to mobile devices like laptops and smart phones, our goal is to keep you running smoothly.
We provide you with a fully outsourced IT solution with the following services:
  • Desktop SupportUIS offers a comprehensive set of solutions that help to protect, manage, and support PC desktops and other components of your distributed PC environment. We can extend the value of your IT assets by implementing management solutions which include help desk support, comprehensive desktop management, and support services for your PC infrastructure.
  • Server & Network SupportServers are an integral part and backbone of every network. If any issues arise with a network this could mean extended downtime depending upon the problem. By outsourcing server support our professionals at UIS can ensure business continuity and productivity by being readily available to provide support in the event of a problem.
  • Network and Server Monitoring (24 / 7 / 365)The professionals at UIS understand that networked communications are an essential part of keeping costs low while maintaining a competitive edge. Most businesses and organizations could not possibly meet their company goals without an increased reliance on networked services and applications. Reliance on networks and servers means greater risks of network failures and outages which could be a detriment to business continuity. Our network and server monitoring services provide you with the piece of mind you need by offering protection around the clock.
  • Onsite Support and Remote Help Desk Support – UIS can provide you with both onsite support services and remote support services to ensure you are covered with the assistance you need to maintain a continuous workflow on a daily basis. Regardless if you need help desk or IT support our skilled professionals have you covered.
  • Strategic Technology PlanningThe professionals at UIS understand that many companies are losing money and time as the result of the lack of technology integration. Many companies do not have the budget or the staff required to make the necessary changes to a technology infrastructure. With our strategic technology planning services we can provide you with the infrastructure you need to stay competitive at a fraction of what it would cost to integrate the technology on the premises.
  • Technology Procurement – Technology procurement requires a specialized skill set that requires ongoing management and staff that stays with the company for the long term. Technology procurement responsibilities must also be consistent due to the number of contracts that must be monitored, centralized filing systems, searching for competitive pricing, and developing project plans that accurately forecast the replacement of IT assets. When you use our technology procurement services you are assured of consistency and accuracy when it comes to managing all of your company assets.
  • Asset Management – Asset management is an involved process and a very important part of business continuity. Our highly qualified professionals at UIS help you to gain control of maintenance operations and equipment, organize and integrate maintenance and production, design equipment and systems for reliability, and then create operational superiority by building upon asset management to maintain a competitive edge.
As your technology partner, we also schedule quarterly meetings with you to discuss the status of your infrastructure and to get feedback from you regarding your future technology needs and our performance.
At UIS Technology Partners, we view ourselves as your partners in business – we worry about IT, so you don’t have to.