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Network Consulting Oakland - IT Support California

Whether you have an existing network or no network, UIS will enhance or create your computer network infrastructure in a way that will meet your business goals.  We have a team of professional IT managers who will provide you with the best advice and solutions.  We offer around the clock support and maintenance of your network, as well as physical presence on-site whenever you need it.  
If you already have an existing network infrastructure:
IT Consulting California UIS will analyze your current infrastructure and determine the best solution for your particular business.  Our team is comprised of expert IT consultants who will guarantee results.  We will look into your hardware devices, software applications, database, wireless connectivity, and application servers to make sure everything is optimized.  If we detect a potential upgrade, we will take the necessary steps to do so.
If you don’t already have a network infrastructure:
UIS will strategically plan and customize a network for you.  Furthermore, IT Outsourcing California will maintain your computer network infrastructure and everything that comes with it – computers, software, database, security, wireless connection, firewall, and other applications and accessories.  We keep up with the fast changing technological trends so you can ensure your infrastructure will be up to date and competitive in your industry.
UIS has a flexible work ethic for your convenience.  Whether you conduct business in Oakland, Alameda, Danville or the Stockton, Concord, Walnut Creek area, our IT technicians will come to you with professional on-site support.  Our network consulting system also works around the clock so we can take care of business at all times. 
Contact our Oakland office:
Phone:   (510) 992-6200
Fax:       (510) 9926201