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Server Support

Servers are a critical part of your business network infrastructure that requires maintenance from experienced professionals.  UIS can help your business stay efficient by taking care of your servers – everything from proper installation to 24 x 7 monitoring.  If you already have existing servers, we will repair, replace, troubleshoot, and diagnose as needed, as well as monitor and maintain them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you do not already have an existing server, we will work with you to create one that will meet your business needs. 

 Our server support features the following elements of service:
  • Setup and Installation – Proper setup and installation is important in order to avoid problems down the road.  We will make sure your servers work well with your network and are easy to use for your employees.  In addition, we will install the necessary configurations along with your new or existing servers.  
  • Repair and Replacement – We can fix hardware and software issues both remotely and on-site.  We will repair anything we are capable of repairing and replace the items we are unable to fix. 
  • Troubleshoot and Diagnose – Our IT engineers are automatically notified about any problems that arise and are able to fix them quickly to decrease downtime.  Our automated network will also prevent repeat issues from occurring. 
  • Monitoring and Maintenance – Our 24 x 7 monitoring will ensure your servers and networks are constantly being watched, so you can feel safe knowing your business is operating successfully.  We will make sure your servers are working at optimal performance. 
Whether you have many servers or no server, UIS is a trusted brand that has a team of IT professionals to help you stay worry-free in the workplace.