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IT Support San Francisco - Telephones

One of the most satisfying and cost effective services we provide is to assist organizations to a better telephone solution, whether it is to consolidate their phones or to switch from traditional telephone phone service to VoIP. 

Consolidating Phones- Communication is one of the most important things for a cohesive company.   It is a good idea to consolidate phones to keep your day-to-day business operations productive.  Having one universal telephone number to reach all offices within your company will make it simple and reliable for customers and others to contact you.  In addition, each employee can have their own extension number where they can be reached directly.
VoIP – Many businesses are migrating from traditional phone lines to VoIP technology.  VoIP is a cost-effective solution because it uses one network for both voice and data.  Calling is done over the internet instead of through traditional copper wire. 
UIS IT Consulting San Francisco can help you achieve the following VoIP benefits:
  • Low cost – Switching to VoIP does not require you to purchase any hardware.  We supply the technology for you.
  • Low maintenance – In addition to supplying the technology, we also provide maintenance and support for the entire phone system. 
  • Scalability – Unlike a traditional phone system, VoIP is software based, which allows for expansion and upgrades, without having to purchase new equipment. 
  • Features – VoIP comes with call tracking, voicemail PBX, analog/fax, and call-center solutions. 
However, if you prefer to keep your current phone system, we also offer the following support:
  • Telecommunication Maintenance and Support
  • Strategic Communications Management
  • Telecommunications Assessment
    • Voice & Data cost reduction
    • Cabling Inspections
    • Cabling code violations
    • Power requirements
    • Bandwidth analysis