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Telecommunications and Cabling Assessment

Let UIS Technology Partners perform a detailed analysis of your telecommunications systems.

The first step is to evaluate the age and condition of your current cabling infrastructure.  As today's business environment demands ever more bandwidth for voice and data, companies often find that their demands outweigh their capacity. On the otherhand, at UIS Tech Partners, we can often find affordable solutions to either work with your existing infrastructure, or make cost-effective recommendations when upgrades are warranted.

The next step involves an analysis of your actual telecommunications bill. This is the area where we often achieve 35% savings for our clients right away, and sometimes more than 50%. We are able to do this because we are experts in telecommunications infrastructure and we have intimate knowlege of telecom billing standards. Most recently we cut a client's monthly phone and data services bill from $3,300 per month, down to $1,500 per month. That is an annual savings of $21,600 per year!


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