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UIS Newsletter 08/2010

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Power Up With Greener Technology

Companies large and small are looking for ways to go green these days. Environmentally friendly policies not only help to reduce your carbon footprint and cut greenhouse gases, they can also cut costs. Reducing waste and energy consumption could mean big savings for your business or organization.

Workplaces are huge energy consumers. Just listen to the buzz of computers, printers, copiers, fax machines and other equipment. The truth is many businesses still consume much more energy than needed. Employees often leave their computers running when they leave at night. Other equipment is also left on continuously. Most offices are occupied less than 50 hours per week, which means energy is being wasted the other 118 hours of the week, more than two-thirds of the time.
UIS Technology Partners can help your company implement a green IT program that will improve the environment and your bottom line. For example, the energy saved just by turning computers off when not in use represents a significant cost savings, up to $150 a year per computer.
UIS Technology Partners can automate a number of energy-saving activities so employees don’t have to be burdened with remembering to turn off equipment or print and copy on both sides. We can program computers to power down when everyone leaves at night and power up just before they return in the morning, and preset printers and copiers to print double-sided by default, reducing paper consumption.
Other tips include replacing power strips with new, smart power strips that turn off peripheral devices when the main computer is shut down and optimizing energy settings that automatically put the computer in sleep mode when nobody is using it.
Cloud computing is another way your company or organization could reduce its energy use. Cloud computing represents a major shift in how information is stored and applications are run. Service providers like UIS Technology Partners rent out a portion of their server space, allowing your business to expand its storage and processing capabilities without the need for new equipment that requires more power to run.
These are just a few ways your business can reduce its impact on the environment while saving money. Learn ways your company can reduce waste and energy consumption. Ask UIS Technology Partners to conduct a Green IT Assessment. Contact us for more information or to schedule a Green IT Assessment.


Power Up With Greener Technology

Spotlight on...

Printer Maintenance Can Prevent Breakdowns

You’re printing copies for an important meeting less than an hour away when the printer crashes and burns. It’s a familiar scene for many harried office workers, business owners, and nonprofit staff members. Why can’t it just work!
Printers can be temperamental. They sit idle for many hours each day, interrupted periodically by a flurry of activity. Printers are generally ignored until they are needed. But the reality is printers require regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns and ensure they will be ready and able when you need them. Proper maintenance can also extend the life of your printer.
Keep printers clean. Dust and lint can build up around rollers and impair print quality. The best way to clean your printer is to use compressed air to blow off the dust and lint.
Keep the feed tray closed. This prevents dust from entering through the tray.
Change the rollers. Aging rollers can cause paper jams and other printing problems.
Staying on top of your company’s printer maintenance needs can be time-consuming and costly, and put an undue burden on smaller staffs. UIS Technology Partners offers an affordable Printer Repair and Maintenance service to keep your printers operating properly. This regular maintenance program can prevent productivity losses and embarrassing moments due to broken printers.
Contact us to learn more about UIS Technology Partners’ Printer Repair and Maintenance service.

Ask the Experts

Q: What are some computer shortcuts that can increase my productivity?

A: There are a number of shortcuts that are nearly universal in every application. Shortcuts use one key to perform a function. The keys are located at the bottom of the keyboard. It is easiest to remember them in order from left to right.

Undo is CTRL + Z (Undo is a lifesaver when you accidently erase everything in a document.)
Cut is CTRL + X (Cut is used to move text or graphics.)
Copy is CTRL + C (Copy is used when you want to make duplicates of text or graphics.)
Paste is CTRL + V (Paste is used to place what you cut or copied.)
Select All is CTRL + A (Select All comes in handy when you want to change the font for the entire document, or move all the copy to a new document.)
Print CTRL + P (Fast shortcut to send your document to the default printer.)

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Message from Paul Dorian, Founder & CEO


I hope you are enjoying the summer. Like you, we have been busy here at UIS Technology Partners. We have embarked on a customer satisfaction and quality assurance program to improve our already excellent service. UIS Technology Partners is surveying customers by phone and in person and conducting random quality assurance audits to make sure customers are receiving the best service possible. We will keep you posted on the results.
Do you know someone looking for quality IT service? Our referral bonus program offers a bonus to anyone who refers new prospects that eventually become customers of UIS Technology Partners. You already know the great service we provide, so why not help your customers and clients by giving them a solution to their IT needs – and earn cash at the same time. It’s a win-win.
Also win-win is our partnership with the job training program at Goodwill Industries. Three Goodwill interns recently completed a three-month internship at UIS Technology Partners. They were a big help and we enjoyed sharing our knowledge with them. Participating in Goodwill’s job training program is a way for UIS Technology Partners to support the local community. More interns from the program are expected to join us in the fall.
We are happy to bring you another edition of the UIS Technology Partners e-newsletter. With so much attention focused on reducing the carbon footprint, we are looking at green IT issues in this edition. The article offers some simple steps you can take to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency.
We also turn the spotlight on printer maintenance. It always seems to happen that the printer breaks down in the middle of an important job. But with proper maintenance, you can avoid those nightmares.
I hope you find this edition useful and please let us know if there are articles you would like to see or questions you would like to “Ask the Experts.”
Paul Dorian