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UIS Newsletter 06/2010

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Microsoft’s Office 2010 Offers New Features

This month Microsoft officially released Office 2010, the latest version of its Office productivity suite and successor to Office 2007. The new Office 2010 offers new and expanded features, including more sophisticated presentation tools, social networking options embedded in Outlook, and the ability for coworkers to view and edit documents together through web-based browsers.
According to PC Magazine, three categories of users should regard Office 2010 as an essential upgrade: anyone who creates graphically rich documents and presentations; those who are responsible for purchasing software for an entire company, especially businesses that rely on collaboration and sharing tools; and those in need of the new 64-bit compatibility, which enables users to create worksheets even bigger than the 32-bit Excel’s 2 GB limit.
Unlike Office 2007, which introduced a new Ribbon interface, there is not a steep learning curve with Office 2010. The new Office improves on the Ribbon by adding an option to create custom tabs that contain only the tools you use most often.
A number of new graphic options are introduced that make it easier to create powerful presentations. For example, PowerPoint now has a video-editing tool that allows you to trim a video to the exact length you want to display on the slide. Other tools make it easier to crop and adjust images as well as add artistic touches so you can get the exact look you want in a few simple steps.
Perhaps the biggest change is the availability of web-based applications – online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote – that allow for online collaboration. For businesses that want to host their own Office Web Apps privately, Microsoft will offer SharePoint versions of the online suite.
The new enhanced Microsoft Office could provide features that make your business or organization more effective depending on the size and needs of your company. A number of in-depth reviews online offer detailed comparisons between Office 2007 and Office 2010. Before you decide whether to upgrade, you may want to do your homework to determine whether the new features offer what you need, or if it’s best to stick with what you have.


Microsoft’s Office 2010 Offers New Features

Spotlight on...

Remote Backup Service Protects Your Business
In today’s digital world, your business relies on information stored in your computer hard drive or network storage system. From contacts to current projects, it’s all saved somewhere. The question is how safe is it?
While it’s unpleasant to think about worst-case scenarios – computer malfunctions, theft, fires and other disasters – they could be a real threat to your business if valuable data is destroyed or lost. An online backup and recovery service could be the solution.
UIS Technology Partners provides an online data backup and recovery service, which allows you to store files, contacts, and other key data in a secure, offsite location. Unlike most other backup providers, our data recovery service can even restore your entire operating system, applications, settings and data onto a new computer with different hardware than the original one. If disaster does strike, and you need to restore your data onto new machines, we can make it happen.
To protect your data, UIS Technology Partners uses some of the most secure, reliable and high-capacity internet backbones in the industry. Every part of the network has a redundant “stand in” that instantly becomes operational if there is a hardware failure.
We also offer a number of sophisticated features. For example, our "send-once" technology recognizes where data is duplicated across a network and sends only one copy to the server, minimizing your costs and increasing efficiency. A “local-restore” feature allows you to keep a copy of the latest data being sent to the offsite data vault on your local network. That way, you can restore your latest data quickly at LAN speeds, even if you are using inexpensive WAN technology such as DSL or cable.
UIS Technology Partners’ backup service is fast, flexible and easy. For example, your company doesn’t need to install software on all your machines, just the one server that runs the backup and restore system and sends data to the secure offsite data vault, reducing the impact on your network.
Let’s hope disaster never strikes. If it does, your business success depends on being prepared.


Ask the Experts

Q: Why does my computer continue to get slower over time?

A: Computers don’t actually get slower over time. When newer software is added to a computer, it places a higher demand on that computer, which effectively causes it to slow down. But if you never add new software or upgrade any of the existing software, your computer would perform as fast as it did when it was new.

Here are a few tips to keep your computer performing optimally:
1. Always keep 20 percent of free space available on your hard drive.
2. Uninstall unused programs from your computer.
3. Defragment your hard drive.
4. Make sure you have enough memory installed on your computer; a minimum of 2 GB is recommended for Windows XP, and 4 GB for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
5. Remove programs from starting up that are unused (icons located in the bottom right corner next to the time).
6. Run antivirus and malware software.
7. The last resort is reinstalling the operating system, which removes the previous configuration and resets the computer to the factory defaults.


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Message from Paul Dorian, Founder & CEO

We are back with a second edition of the UIS Technology Partners e-newsletter after receiving positive feedback from the first issue. This edition covers the debut of Microsoft Office 2010, which was officially released earlier this month. It contains some interesting new features that could help improve your company or organization’s productivity, or at least make some tasks easier.
We also turn the spotlight on remote backup and recovery services. Nobody wants to think about what could happen if your computers crash or some other disaster occurs. However, it is a real possibility your business needs to prepare for. You can’t afford to lose data that is critical to the operation of your business. UIS Technology Partners offers an easy and cost-effective solution.
Preparing for the future is important, and at UIS Technology Partners we have been helping three interns get the training they need to enter the IT workforce. They are part of a job training program at Goodwill Industries and are spending three months with us learning all they can about the IT industry. They have been a big help and are providing us with the opportunity to give back to the community by sharing our expertise.
We also want to share the rewards of securing new business by offering a bonus to anyone who refers new prospects that eventually become customers of UIS Technology Partners. You know what great service we provide, so why not score points with your customers and clients by giving them a solution to their IT needs – and earn cash at the same time. It’s a win-win.
To better serve you, we have created a portal on the UIS Technology Partners website that allows you to view scheduled visits by our engineers. That way, you know when we will be there so you can make sure you get what you need during every visit.
I hope you enjoy this edition of the e-newsletter, and please feel free to let us know if there are articles you would like to see or questions you would like to “Ask the Experts.”