Multi-office Integration

UIS can bring all of your locations together under one (virtual) roof

Does your organization occupy more than one location?  Do you have separate networks operating, or portions of your company that are not connected with your main network environment?  UIS can employ one of many solutions to bring all of your locations under one roof, metaphorically speaking.

Luckily, integrating various locations into one cohesive computing environment is not as difficult as it may appear.  As long as each location has access to solid communication lines, IT Outsourcing California UIS Technology Partners can help you choose among a variety of access solutions.  Some of these solutions include:

Benefits of Multi-office Integration:

Consolidating Phones– Communication is one of the most important things for a cohesive company.   It is a good idea to consolidate phones to keep your day-to-day business operations productive.  Having one universal telephone number to reach all offices within your company will make it simple and reliable for customers and others to contact you.  In addition, each employee can have their own extension number where they can be reached directly.

Cost Savings– Reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary resources and tasks.  By integrating your offices, you will get a better idea of what you need or don’t need and be able to cut costs from unproductive areas.  You will also save from having to maintain multiple databases, phone lines, and staff.

Performance Improvements– After consolidation, each office will be able to operate to its full potential  without overstepping the boundaries of other offices.  Everything will be more organized, allowing your employees to be more productive.


There are a variety of approaches to integrating multi-office locations.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact IT Support California for information.