Office Relocation Services

Whether you are relocating across the hall, or across city lines, moving your business can be painless or disastrous – calling in professionals is essential.

With the ability to field an entire team of IT engineers and experienced wiring professionals, we can handle all of the major logistical elements of an organizational move. Planning is of critical importance when considering office relocation, and at UIS we emphasize building a strong action plan in partnership with your staff prior to the move.

Typical office relocation services include:

  • Detailed diagrams of office and cube locations
  • Schedule of necessary outlets (power, voice, data) in every employee location
  • Purchasing of new equipment
  • Configuring and installation of new equipment
  • Safely packing equipment that is to be relocated in the new facility
  • Moving the equipment that is to be relocated
  • Configuring central network and phone technologies
  • Installing and configuring the relocated equipment
  • Testing connectivity across your entire new regime
  • Developing and coordinating user startup directions in the new location
  • Successfully launching the new network environment

If you are considering relocating and would like to discuss what is involved, please feel free to call us at (877) 486-8876, or you cancontact us online as well by clicking here.