IT Support for Public Relations and Marketing Firms

UIS provides IT support to PR firms and Marketing firms in the Greater SF Bay Area

Public Relations and Marketing firms are some of the most critical business services organizations in the market place today. At UIS Technology Partners we understand that PR and marketing firms absolutely must be efficient when it comes to information technology. In addition regular network monitoring & maintenance as well as desktop support, we can provide assistance with a number of industry-specific software packages, such as:

  • OpenAir for Advertising / Marketing / PR
  • PressRelease by SummitSoft, Inc.
  • Vocus PR, Government Relations and PAC softwares
  • Cision Point by Cision, Inc.
  • Essent Business Management System by Essent, Inc.
  • Publicity Builder, Jian Software
  • Ad Agency Software by Marketing Central
  • BurrellesLuce 2.0 by Burrelles Inc.
  • SpeediScreen by ADMAR OnLine
  • InSite Pro by InSite Survey Systems
  • Target PR by LiveWire Contacts, Inc.
  • Synergist, by Synergist Express Ltd
  • SilentPartner by Medi Group Ltd
  • by Magnifi, Inc.
  • Pegasus International Advertising Management System by Pegasus Systems LTD.
  • ProfitMaker and ProfitPro by ASI Computer Systems, Inc.

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