IT support for the insurance industry

From independent brokers to large offices, UIS provides reliable IT support

Insurance agents are some of the most dedicated people in the workforce today. Between keeping up with regulations, the changing nature of the industry and prospecting for new clients, the last thing an agent needs is a poor function IT infrastructure. Insurance agents need to be seamlessly connected to their office email, voicemail and documents – UIS can give you this connectivity and make it easy.

Smaller Agencies – If you are running a smaller agency, under 20 people or so, you may be interested in the many ways that UIS Technology Partners can give you quality IT support, but for a lower cost. Somethings which may be useful to you are:

Larger Agencies – If you are in a larger office, in addition to the above, you are probably interested in:

In addition to the above, we also offer software support for a variety of Insurance Industry Management Software Systems:

  • Epic, TAM, DORIS and Vision
  • Gen4 Systems
  • InsurancePro
  • AgencyPro for Windows
  • EZAgent
  • EasyApps Professional
  • EasyApps 32-Bit
  • ACORD Forms,
  • Par3 Proposal and Renewal System

Do you have a different need? Contact us, we can help!