Cloud Computing

UIS Technology Partners provides Cloud Computing services with the goal of optimizing your business productivity.  This simple idea will act as a platform of possibilities for your business.  

Cloud Computing is the idea of storing data “in the clouds” (over the internet) so that you and your employees can access company information from anywhere and everywhere, as long as there is internet access.  It eases the communication between your employees, customers, and partners, and allows for the sharing of resources, software, and information. 

UIS Cloud Computing services will give your company the resources to conduct business at optimal productivity.  You will notice an increase in performance as your staff is able to access information wherever and whenever.  Plus, it simply makes life easier.

Below are the benefits that UIS Cloud Computing provides:

SAFE and SECURE – Your company data will be there for you, even when your computer is not.  Things happen – accidents, spills, theft, hardware failures, and computer crashes.  Your equipment is replaceable; your data is invaluable.  UIS Cloud Computing ensures your data is safe and secure in our cloud infrastructure.

RELIABLE and DEPENDABLE – You can count on your information being readily available at any given time.  Share resources, software, and information between your company without fear of losing your work, misplacing your USB stick, or the potential risk of your computer crashing. 

EASY and CONVENIENT – UIS provides Cloud Computing on-demand.  Access what you need, when you need it.  Don’t worry about software upgrades and routine maintenance – UIS will take care of it for you.  Security, performance, and enhancements to your software will be automatically upgraded to improve your business productivity.

COST EFFECTIVE – There is no need to buy software and storage and to invest in new or additional computers, making this a cost-effective solution for your day-to-day business operations.  No need for costly resources – all you need is internet access. 

PRODUCTIVE SOLUTION – Do your work, away from work.  As long as you have internet connection, you can access your company’s resources at home, during lunch, or even on vacation. 

INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE – Your employees will value convenience in working and collaborating remotely, making communication easy between co-workers, customers, clients, and partners.  

ENHANCE CORPORATE IMAGE – Environmentally friendly method of conducting business – Cloud Computing allows for the virtualization of technological devices, reducing your carbon footprint.  Your old computer will be able to cloud compute just as well as a new one. 


UIS provides three Cloud Computing Options:

  • UIS Cloud – Use our established cloud infrastructure – the Savvis Network Datacenter.
  • Your Personal Cloud – We will create your very own private business cloud, designed specifically for your business need.
  • Hybrid cloud – Use both our UIS cloud and your personal cloud to mix the best of both worlds.