IT Consulting California – Mobile Devices

A mobile device will determine how you conduct business in or out of the office.  With so much competition, mobility is important for being efficient.  Email access and data and applications are common mobile requirements when choosing a business phone. IT Outsourcing San Francisco UIS will assist you in finding the right mobile devices for your business.

Many companies are beginning to allow employees to mix their personal and business smartphones together into one powerful multitasking device.  Some of the most popular personal and business phones include:
Blackberry – Research in Motion’s longtime leading smartphone.  It is undeniable that companies prefer the Blackberry as a business phone because of its smart push feature.  Employees receive emails instantly, which may be important when dealing with a client.  Other features of the Blackberry smartphone include: calendar, memo pad, voice recorder, web browser, and syncing capabilities – all are useful applications for conducting business.
Engineers have found a way to mix business tasks with personal use on the new Blackberry OS 6.  This new solution enables the user to manage both company data and personal data separately on the same device.  If the phone is lost or stolen, IT professionals can block access to all company data, including emails, contacts, and conversations without affecting the user’s personal data.
iPhone – Apple’s  newest device, the iPhone iOS4, features face to face video calling.  Users of this device can call each other and be able to see the person they are talking to.  This puts a new twist on video conferencing.  Businesses like the iPhone because it is one big multi-tasking device.  The iPhone, known for its millions of apps, is able to do everything from locating your boss’ favorite coffee shop to creating a presentation for a meeting.
Android – Microsoft’s new invention loaded with Google.  The Droid 2 comes with business-friendly features, including 3G Mobile Hotspot capability that allows a user to connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices.  In addition, it also comes with Microsoft Exchange support and QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite, which allows you to view and edit documents, as well as access cloud content and transfer data to other employees.
We know your biggest fear – mobile devices can easily be lost or stolen.  However, our expert technicians can protect company data by managing it separately from personal use and can block access if needed.
Mobility and communication is important for any business.  Let IT Support San Jose help you find the right solution.