Storage – IT Outsourcing San Francisco

As your business grows, your files, databases, and applications grow as well.  Proper data storage is important for your company to keep progressing.  UIS IT Support Bay Area can assist your organization with everything related to storage – from protection and expansion to consolidation and virtualization.

Protection – Anything can happen.  All businesses, no matter how big or how small, need a reliable storage protection solution.  Without storage protection, data can get lost or incur hefty expenses later on.

Expansion – If your business is growing, your data is growing as well.  If your volume of information is increasing rapidly, you need an effective solution for storing and managing your data files.  Expanding now before it is too late will save your business the time and money.

Consolidation – Storage expansion creates an unorganized work environment.  Consolidating your storage will organize your data on a separate network where it can be shared among your company and eliminate unecessary equipment.  It is also important for manging your data as well as cutting costs in the long run.  Your company will relaize an increase in productivity and performance and simplified operations.

Virtualization – Storage virtualization is the extraction of data from multiple storage devices and kept in a centralizaed network.  Your growing business needs a centralized storage solution to organize and simplify your data files.  Storage virtualization will reduce administrative overhead, while cutting IT costs.  This solution will give your organization the flexibility to manage resources within the company.


How you can benefit from proper storage solutions by UIS:

  • Improved application performance
  • Increased resource availability
  • Centralized storage
  • Simplified IT operations
  • Reduced IT expenses
  • Expanded storage and network capacity