IT Audit

UIS can provide a comprehensive business and technical assessment of your IT system. The process will be painless for you and your staff. We begin by gathering information on your IT requirements and then we implement a thorough inspection your current system to see if it matches your requirements. Finally we present to you a complete inventory of your current IT portfolio along with ‘plain English’ recommendations for achieving your business goals. This is a very valuable and collaborative process that allows you to gain greater insight to your systems and be more informed when making future IT investment decisions.
Our IT Audit includes:
  • Network Infrastructure – Network stability and efficiency in today’s competitive marketplace. A network infrastructure can be complex in addition to constantly undergoing changes as your business grows. Our network infrastructure audits start with baseline monitoring of your existing infrastructure and configuration to document routine network activity. This enables us to identify potential problems and make appropriate recommendations for rolling out new applications.
  • Computing Hardware (desktop & laptop) – Staying in control of your IT assets and network inventory can be complex and time consuming. Our computer hardware auditing services encompass total hardware audits of both desktops and laptops including total hardware properties including processors, Random Access Memory (RAM), local drives, sound cards, modems, video components, and monitors.
  • Firewalls – Firewall audits help businesses to identify any areas in need of performance or operational improvements. Properly deployed firewalls are essential for protecting the perimeter of your network. Solid firewall configurations also ensure desktop security for devices which are attached to the network. When we perform a firewall audit our analysis of network perimeter protection includes firewall objects, logging and event notification, firewall design and methodology, device configuration, patch usage and management, logging and event notification, disaster recovery, and more.
  • Data Security – Every business has a responsibility to safeguard confidential data. Effective data security methods begin with an assessment of what data you have followed by an identification process of who has access to it. Threats from internal or external sources create risks that must be addressed to avoid the penalties which potentially can occur in the event data security is compromised.Our data security audit services help you to identify and assess existing or potential data security risks and vulnerabilities which your business faces. The audit includes a review of business security policies and procedures, security assessments for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), threat assessments for Internet connectivity and wireless network integrity, incident response ethics, security infrastructure and systems, and security programs and processes.
  • Virus Protection – Our virus protection audit services include an overall assessment of virus protection, virus detection and removal procedures, antivirus software and updates, operating system configuration and security settings, and manage network antivirus solutions.
  • Back Up Systems and Redundancy – Auditing your system requires a solid understanding of backup strategies and redundancy methods and then testing the system to identify any holes in the current methods being used. Our backup systems and redundancy audits include an evaluation of the offsite storage facility, data recovery processes and procedures, recovery process testing, review of history logs and display backup list, and disaster recovery processes.
  • Data Storage – Solid data storage procedures and methods are the primary key to business continuity in the event of a disaster. There are also stringent requirements that must be met in terms of data storage compliance. We offer thorough data storage audits which include a complete assessment of the existing infrastructure, identification of existing and potential data storage vulnerabilities, review of disaster recovery and contingency plans, problems and incidents reports, history logs, and backup and restoration practices. We also audit system security to ensure that information is safeguarded against unauthorized access and preventative measures are in place in the event of power outages.
  • Email & Wireless Messaging – For businesses email and wireless messaging have become critical components that are vital to communication services. Along with these applications come threats that are numerous including viruses, malware, information integrity breaches, and unauthorized access to privileged information. Our auditing services for email and wireless messaging significantly reduce the chances of threats that can occur by reviewing your configuration and processes for vulnerabilities and potential threats.
Our audit includes a review of email security audit compliance for privacy, data security, and data protection, virus protection methods, security for mobile devices, WiFi security standards and audit guidelines for being appropriately protected and monitored, intrusion detection systems for wireless security, and an audit of any outsourced email and wireless messaging services.
  • System Monitoring – System monitoring is an important component of maintaining the integrity of your company’s architecture. From server performance to event logs, network management and security monitoring, we take a comprehensive approach to our audits of system monitoring.
Our audits include a review of how you baseline your server’s performance, accesses for each class object, instances for each class object, event log management, monitoring technologies which are currently in place, simple network management protocol, event analysis, hardware failures, monitoring processes, application monitoring, security descriptors, user activity including logons and user rights, account management and much more.
  • Business Applications – All aspects of company operations is heavily reliant on network and PC systems for business processes, product delivery, accounting and reporting, transaction processing, and management processes. Our business application audits include a comprehensive business application review which involves an internal audit that reviews both the technical and operational aspects of the critical business functions that use each different application.
Our audits examine if security and confidentiality of information is followed, integrity of data processes, information availability for business users is aligned with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements, effective and efficient processing of application systems and system documentation is appropriately maintained.


UIS Technology Partners can also provide assessments in the following areas: