IT Strategy

Why is an IT Strategy Important?

Strategy, Design and Planning are the cornerstones of stable business. Reactive approaches to emergencies can often be time consuming and lead to more rash decision making, adding to wasted time for you and your employees. Here at UIS we practice proactive IT support, which serves to be preventative, decreasing downtime, allowing you to fulfill your mission.

Is Your IT Currently Experiencing?

Increased Downtime

Unpredictable Costs

Slow System Performance

Issues not being resolved quickly

Same Issues reoccur

Is technology helping the organization reach its goals?

You Need a Proactive IT Strategy

Align IT to Organization Mission

Much like you would expect from a physician, UIS can provide an accurate and detailed diagnostic report that allows you to make informed decisions about your organization’s technological growth.

Areas of focus for Hardware:

  • Servers, PC’s, Laptops, and Monitors
  • Switches, Routers and Firewall
  • Printers, Scanners and Phones
  • Serial #’s, Model #’s, Warranties (if applicable)
  • Licensing compliance & list all software in use on all machines
  • Identify status of patches and updates on all machines
  • Improper web usage such as streaming music and other applications
  • Compile aggregate CPU, Memory, and Disk Space Utilization

Areas of focus for Security evaluation:

  • Anti-virus, Malware, Spyware
  • Spam Filtering
  • Firewalls (Hardware/Software)
  • Content Filtering
  • Vulnerability analysis
We at UIS make it our goal to give you the most streamlined approach to addressing your technological needs.
Strategic Business
What is used for?
Used to communicate with you regarding the technological health of your business on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

Accomplishments and milestones:

  • IT projects Implemented
  • IT Projects Scheduled

Status of the services provided by UIS:

  • Managed Services
  • Service Schedule and Current Plan Rates

Summary of Support and Maintenance Provided:

  • Number of Tickets Resolved and Opened
  • Response/Resolution Times
  • Patches Installed, Viruses, Spam
  • Server Uptime

A list of issues that represent challenges:

  • Security Issues
  • Performance Issues
  • Aging Software/Hardware

Short term recommendations:

  • Suggested Projects
  • Suggested Hardware/Software Replacements

Strategic goals for long term planning:

  • IT recommendations based on growth expansion of your organization based on addition of new employees and/or Departments
What is used for?
Aging software and hardware threaten your organization’s ability to maintain forward progress by putting you at increased risk of downtime. An important aspect of a proactive IT Strategy involves scheduled replacement of outdated hardware and software decreasing the risk of costly downtime.
We analyze all aspects of your network to identify current and potential at risk areas. As part of proactive strategy, we take steps to minimize the occurrence and impact of potential risks.

Domain risks:

  • Email security via Sender Policy Framework
  • Name Servers
  • DNS

Security risks:

  • Unencrypted connections
  • Passwords

Failure points of potential downtime (by location if needed):

  • Internet bandwidth
  • Hardware
  • Software
Disaster Recovery
and Business
Continuity Planning
What is used for?
When systems fail it is important to have recovery plans in place to help your organization move forward with little impact to business continuity.
  • Back-up and data retention
  • Redundant servers
  • Timely recovery of critical information
  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring

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