Hosted Back Up


Backup data stores external to the
organization or core IT environment.
No need to do backups manually.
Data Accessible from Anywhere
You will have access to your stored
data from any part of world.
No Backup Software or Hardware
In order to do backup you don’t
need any software or hardware.
Recover to Hosted Server
If you need to recover data, they will
be recovered to hosted server.
Faster Recovery for Files
Your files will be recovered very

Fast & Flexible Disasted Recovery

Back up entire machines, applications, drives, directories, individual files.
Recover them instantly locally (physical server or virtual server) or hosted cloud.

Is Hosted Backup Right for My Organization?

Hosted Storage Traditional Backup
Amount of Data We find the average organization with 50–200 employees has roughly 1–5 TB of backup. You need approximately 100 mbps connection per TB of backup. You need an Internet connection between a 10–50 mbps. For organizations that have larger amounts of data or for locations with limited amounts of bandwidth, then a traditional onsite backup solution might be more appropriate.
Rate of Change We find that the average organization with 50–200 employees changes the amount of data by about 5%. As long as the rate of change does not exceed 10% per month this is a good fit. For data that changes more than 10% per month than a traditional onsite local disk storage and offsite tape rotation is the best solution.
Staff Experience Storage Provider is responsible for regulatory requirements and backup infrastructure. Organization needs to have experience to determine regulatory requirements, implement/maintain backup infrastructure and test to verify file can be restored.

Data Loss

  • Hardware failures, especially hard drive failure
  • Power failures, resulting in unsaved data to be lost or corruption of files
  • System crash
  • Software corruption
  • File system corruption or database corruption
Intentional Action
  • Intenational deletion of files or partitions
  • Hard drive formatting
Unintentional Action
  • Mistaken deletion of files or partitions
  • Mistplacement of CDs or Memory sticks
  • Computer viruses attack
  • System hacking
  • Thunderstorms, earthquakes, floods, tornado, fire, etc.
Lost Data
One third of IT managers have lost data while migrating between devices or upgrading operating systems.
Source: Knoll Ontrak
Unable to Restore
While 57% of IT managers have a backup solution in place, 75% of them were not able to restore all of their lost data.
Source: Knoll Ontrak
Cost of Data Loss
A report from Verizon found that small breaches, which involve the loss of fewer than 100 files, can cost your business between $18,120 and $35,730.
Source: Verzion

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