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IT Outsourcing California - Virtualization

Below are some of the most popular virtualization options:

Desktop Virtualization – Users can access their personal desktops, along with the data, applications, and settings, from anywhere and at anytime.  This enhances the user experience because it simplifies and centralizes desktop management.  Your company is able to run a new operating system in a variety of hardware types or even run multiple versions and applications at the same time. 
Hardware Virtualization – Virtualizing your hardware will actually increase the use of your hardware and decrease hardware maintenance.  Use only a few, necessary equipment and save money on cost, maintenance, and energy. 
Software Virtualization – Software virtualization is beneficial because the software would not need to be installed on each computer.  Your company can install it once on a central device and be available to all users. 
Data Virtualization – Share data and information within your organization in a way that is both effective and efficient.  Virtualizing your datacenter means that it is kept in one easy to access remote location where your employees can access at anytime. 
Memory Virtualization – Memory virtualization will accelerate your business operations.  Many times, there is not enough memory or memory is not stored properly, which takes longer to find when you need it.  Virtualization will consolidate your memory and organize it in a way that saves you hardware space. 
Storage Virtualization – Storage virtualization is the extraction of physical storage from multiple storage devices and kept in a centralized network.  Your growing business needs a centralized storage solution to organize and simplify your data files. 
Server Virtualization – Server virtualization allows various and/or multiple operating systems to run on one computer while still being able to share resources.  You will be able to consolidate your machines to save cost, energy, and maintenance.  Other benefits include high availability and disaster recovery. 
Network Virtualization – Combine both your hardware and software into one powerful virtual network.  This method combines all your available resources into one easy to access location.  Manage all your files, programs, emails, and applications from one place. 
Infrastructure Virtualization – Manage your entire infrastructure virtually from a single, central location.  Unlike a physical infrastructure, the possibilities of a virtual infrastructure are endless – performance, scalability, and availability are optimized. 
The underlying goals of all virtualization solutions are to improve productivity and enhance user experience.  All solutions are cost-effective in the long run.  You will be able to better manage all of your resources within your company.  Virtualization can be very tedious and complex, fit for IT professionals while you concentrate on your business goals. Let IT Consulting Bay Area help you. 

UIS supports the following virtualization solutions:
  • VMWare
  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • Oracle
  • Intel
  • Citrix