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Wifi Specializing in Small to Very Large Deployments

Are you unhappy with your Wifi performance?

  • Many Wifi deployments are under serviced in 2 primary areas.
  • The first is coverage i.e. adequate signal strength in the needed areas.
  • The second is cell density. (how many devices can a wireless radio accommodate).
  • We will address these concerns to ensure your needs are being met.
  • If you have an existing deployment we can provide a detailed survey showing exactly where improvements can be made.

Are you ready for or looking to implement a new WiFi deployment?

If you are looking at a new deployment we can do an assessment taking into consideration your specific business requirements and current environment. We can then provide a detailed wifi design customized to fit your needs. Post installation and deployment, we will reassess and modify as needed.

Is your WiFi secure?

Many WiFi deployments lack proper security. We offer a full security audit and will make recommendations/modifications to ensure your network and data are safe.

WiFi Implementations

  • Indoor deployments
  • Outdoor Deployments
  • Site to Site Bridged deployments
  • Mesh Networks
  • Guest Network
  • Secure WPA Enterprise

Wifi Project Services

  • All WiFi projects begin with a detailed on-site survey to ensure proper placement and robust coverage.
  • Coordination with cabling contractors to ensure the most effective physical infrastructure to support WiFi devices.
  • Post installation survey and tuning
  • Ongoing monitoring and tuning.
  • Guest Network
  • Coordination with broadband suppliers to ensure adequate backhaul bandwidth.

Our Experience

Over 600 successful installations, including several hundred hotels, 3 major airports, numerous large educational institutions and many corporate and NFP clients

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