Hosted Server Room

What is Hosted Server Room?

Hosted Server room, also referred to as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), means instead of having servers onsite those servers will be hosted in our secure data center.


Reduced Power
Average Cost for power monthly is between $150-250 per server.
No Servers
Servers housed off site at secure location.
No Backup
Back ups occur offsite by our staff.
More Secure
Servers housed at secure data center with stringent security.
No Cooling
No need for onsite server room cooling.
Back up systems in place to keep your infrastructure running.
Less Space Required
No onsite server room frees up valuable physical space.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the age of the servers we offer a credit in exchange for your servers. Please contact us and we can provide you the current value of your servers.

The data is stored on redundant storage arrays and depending on the services can be hosted in single location or multiple locations. Servers are backed up nightly copies being stored both onsite and offsite.

Data stored is your intellectual property and is owned by your organization.

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