IT Projects

Sample projects

UIS will continually monitor and provide recommendations to improve your organization.
Server Upgrades
Migration to
Hosted/Cloud Environment
Network Upgrades
Office Moves
and Expansions
Software Upgrades
VOIP Implementations
Internet Upgrades
Cabling Upgrades
Document Management
Software Evaluation
and Recommendations
Wifi Deployments
Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity
Backup Implementations


Decreased Downtime Risk
Proper deployment of IT Projects allows for proactive updates, which serves to keep systems more stable and decreasing risks of downtime.
Improved Performance
Keeping systems current improves performance by increasing speeds, compatibility and uptime, which increases employee productivity.

UIS Approach

  • Flat Project Rate
  • On Time Delivery
  • Communication of Expectations
  • Priority
  • Aligns with Your Organization’s Goals

Frequently asked questions

Most projects do contain a small amount of downtime needed to perform the final cutover. We limit this downtime by planning and testing before we implement. We also coordinate with clients in order to schedule the downtime to occur during the most convenient and least obtrusive time.

All software versions have a supported lifecycle. Updated software provides security, compatibility, and stability.

The expected life of Software and Hardware depends on the vendor. The average life expectancy of hardware is between 3-5 years and life expectancy of software is between 5-8 years.

Hardware performs slower overtime because of software continuing to be updated. Software is continually adding features and security updates, which decreases the performance of your computer.  If you left a computer in exactly the same state, and did not perform any updates or add new software, it would perform the same 5 years later as it did on day one.

Software Support will lapse.

Most vendors will only provide support and updates for so many versions of old software. For example, Windows XP, 2000 are no longer supported by Microsoft. That means they will no longer provider security patches.

Security Risks

When software updates are not performed you run the risks of an attacker accessing your network or information. Most viruses and malware use security holes found in software.

Compatibility Issues 

When one software application is newer than another you can have compatibly issues. For example, QuickBooks 2017 will not be compatible with Office 2003.


Your system can be susceptible to more crashes and performance that is less than optimal.

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