Hosted Desktops

What is Hosted Desktop?

Hosted Desktop, which is also referred to as DaaS (Desktop as a Service), is a virtual
desktop hosted in the cloud. UIS will handle storing, securing and backing up your
data. Virtual Desktops allows for use of thin clients instead of a traditional desktop.


Reduced Power
Hosted desktops can help you to
reduce energy costs.
Less Space
Hosted desktops require less physical space.
No Desktop Capital Expenses
Less hardware means decreased hardware and maintenance costs.
Same Environment
Users experience the same desktop environment at every workstation.
Login to Any Desktop
Flexibility for users to access desktops at any workstation.
More Secure
Desktops and data are hosted on a secure server providing increased security over traditional desktops.

Thin Clients vs. Desktop Workstations

Thin Clients Desktops
Cost Lower hardware and IT support costs — less than $5/month Higher hardware and IT support costs — $35/month (price increases after 3 years)
Security Greater security and easier to manage Increased security risks
Deployment Easy to deploy — no extra software to install More expensive and time consuming to deploy
Energy Usage Low energy consumption — thin clients costs $1–6/year to run Higher energy consumption — desktops cost $30–110/year
Resources Needed More server resources needed, less resources needed at workstation More resources needed at each workstation, less on servers
Portability Any workstation can access applications that are on the server Most resources stored on individual workstations
Technology Needed Zooce (Zeus) will donate all thin clients — the cost is $0 Workstation must be upgraded/replaced to increase performance every 3 years — on average each new workstation will cost $800

Frequently asked questions

Hosted Desktops are good for any size organization but we find that organizations between 5-500 users fit best. For organizations that have/need:

  • Multiple Locations
  • Remote access
  • Roam Between workstations

We recommend having 100kbps of steady state bandwidth per user for the most optimum end user experience.

Yes, you can use a full hosted desktop over a cellular signal.

The advantage of a cloud-hosted solution is that you can use any device, anywhere to access your desktop and applications. Including: thin clients, PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android devices, smartphones, iPads, tablets, Amazon Kindle Fires, and Google Chromebooks.

Incremental backups are conducted nightly. Additionally, a full system backup is performed weekly with the data being stored, and is recoverable for a period of up to 30 days. We also offer additional archiving options monthly, quarterly and annually.

Yes, because our hosts are located in a secure data centers that comply with all the regulations for the following: Sarbanes Oxley, PCI-DSS and HIPPA. No data is stored on any device.

Information and data from hosted desktops would be stored and backed up at our secure data centers.

While your desktops and information are hosted on our secure servers, YOU own all of your information.

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