Hosted Apps

What is Hosted Application?

Applications are hosted on a secure server.
Accessible from any location.
All information is saved and backed-up on
secure server.


Redundancy for Critical Apps
Built in fail safe to keep apps running.
Access App from Anywhere
Apps available whenever and wherever you need them.
Backup of App
Current backups available when needed.
Reduced IT Cost
Save money on hardware and implementation costs.
Same User Experience
Apps look and function the same for every user at any location.
Multiple User Collaboration
Allow multiple users to access shared files and projects.
Hosted apps located on secure
Low Maintenance
Updates at one location update the app at all locations.

Frequently asked questions

Almost all applications can be setup as hosted apps. When implementing a hybrid environment, we find that databases and accounting applications are the most common an cost effective.

Hosting applications makes them accessible from anywhere in the world, increasing user productivity. Also, hosted applications allow for faster deployments and headache free updating.

Hosted Apps can be accessed from Windows, MAC OS, and Linux based machines. Hosted Apps can also be accessed from any mobile device: Android, iPhone, iPad, Surface, Fire.

In order to access a hosted app you will need internet access.

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