Managed Services

UIS Managed Services provides you with cost effective, proactive monitoring and maintenance of your entire network structure for a flat monthly fee.

Why Managed Services?

We provide you with a fully outsourced IT solution.
Improve Security
Keeping current on software patches,
vulnerability scanning, implementation of
two factor security, and complete threat/risk
Proactive Approach to IT
Flat rate billing incentivizes an MSP to be
proactive vs. reactive.
Improve Uptime
Downtime analysis identifying problem areas
to be addressed, allowing for informed
decision making.
Experience with Newer Technologies
In-house IT has limited exposure to newer
technologies, however, MSPs are
experienced with multiple environments and
Save Money Compared to Traditional IT
Flat rate allows for more predictable IT costs
without surprise expenses; allowing funds to
be used where they are needed most.
Response/Resolution Time
MSPs provide service level agreements
requiring they meet predetermined standards
of service.
Lack of Internal IT
No need to hire or manage internal IT staff,
freeing up your time and energy to focus on
your mission.
Reduced Liability
Outsourcing IT reduces your liability.
What’s Included?
From servers and desktops, to mobile devices like laptops and
smart phones, our goal is to keep you running smoothly.
  • IT Support
  • IT Strategy
  • Automated Issue Resolution
  • Dedicated Primary Engineer
  • Remote Support
  • Documentation of Network
  • Antivirus / Malware
  • Help Desk
  • Monitoring
  • UIS Portal
  • Onsite Support
  • Software Updates
  • Spam Filtering
  • Backup

Frequently asked questions

We believe in providing both onsite and offsite support. We find that it is very important to foster our relationship with the end users; we have found that onsite visits provide the optimum level of service.

  • Organizations that have from 30 – 500 employees.
  • Organizations that want to supplement their existing internal IT staff.
  • Organizations that want to focus on their primary mission and no longer want to be in the business of IT.

We have provided many solutions to organizations that already have existing staff. Our staff will work on an appropriate solution for your organization.

Hire your existing staff
We have worked with many organizations that are happy with their existing staff, but are either being under or over utilized. By hiring them onto UIS we can manage and appropriately make the necessary adjustments.

IT Strategy 
We can provide assistance with strategic direction of your IT.

IT Managed Services is outsourcing your IT needs with a flat rate service to proactively maintain and support your network.

Flat rate billing saves you money by having a consistent charge per month usually calculated by number of users, servers or equipment. You only pay for what you are actually using. The flat rate also requires the support provider to be proactive and to prevent downtime. Prevention of downtime means your employees will be more effective.

All of our accounts are assigned a primary engineer and an account manager. You will have the direct numbers to both your primary engineer and account manager. When support requests are made through our ticketing system, all tickets are automatically assigned to the primary engineer.

As is our goal, an IT service provider is there to relieve the daily technology stresses that may occur at any organization. This will enable you and your organization to focus on what really matters, fulfilling your mission.

We provide assistance with aligning your business to your IT. We will help provide selection of:

  • Internet Providers
  • Phone Providers
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Risk Assessment (Security and Downtime risks)

With appropriate planning and the selection of the right IT Provider, the change will be very seamless. We have successfully worked with organizations where the previous IT person left with no notice and no passwords.

Managed Services are setup on a flat rate per user/device. Monthly costs for Managed Services range between $75-150 per user based on the services. On average Managed Services will cost less than in house staff by 30-50%.

Case Studies

We have a lot of happy clients.

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