About UIS Technology Partners

What is UIS?

UIS is a team of nerds that simply enjoys helping people. We created UIS in order
to align IT with your mission. We know that our customers expect their technology to
work like electricity; when you flip the switch it just works. You don’t need to know how
it works, it just does. When it doesn’t work you want someone to fix it immediately. It is
our mission to provide the support needed to fulfill your mission.
The peace of mind that your IT will work
when you need it.
Our mission is to support your mission.
Industry standard is response time, ours is
resolution time.

History of UIS

Our company has a long and successful history since 1996.
  • WizKid
    A senior in high school, Paul founded
    DDIA in his closet a senior in high
  • Newsworthy
    19-Year-old CEO! Paul receives
    acclaim in the San Jose Mercury for
    his website and computer support
  • Noyce Foundation
    DDIA provides support to the Robert
    Noyce Foundation (founded in honor
    of Robert Noyce, the founder of Intel).
  • California Province of Jesuits
    DDIA becomes responsible for
    supporting the California Province of
    Jesuits, spanning the majority of
    the western states (CA, HI, NV, AZ).
  • No fear
    Once we all moved on from the Y2K
    scare (well our customers weren’t
    scared) we continued servicing
  • First office
    We move out of the closet and into our
    first office!
  • Time for a change
    Incorporate and change our name to
    UName IT Solutions.
  • Making Headlines
    San Jose Magazine features Paul and UName IT Solutions.
  • Helping those that help others.
    Non-Profit Organizations become a major focus for UIS.
  • Building a Niche
    Staying ahead of the curve, Managed Services becomes the focus of our business.
  • 211
    We are involved in building out Santa Clara Counties 211 system.
  • New name
    Rebrand our name to UIS Technology Partners.
  • Youth and technology
    Los Gatos Weekend Features Paul (the Boss) and his father Peter (the employee), highlighting the youth movement in Tech.
  • In the clouds
    UIS deploys its first cloud offering.
  • Automatization
    Automated our IT operation, allowing
    us to take on more clients with less
  • Christian Spence
    UIS welcomes Christian Spence as a
    partner, welcoming his years of
    technology experience.
  • Introducing, Zooce
    Separate our cloud offering to Zooce.
  • Streamlining
    Enhanced our monitoring system to
    include automatic resolution,
    decreasing the amount of time
    customers wait for resolution.
  • Time for a break
    Putting our money where our mouth
    is, we allow our automated monitoring
    to do its thing as we focus on much
    needed vacation time.
  • It’s purely academic
    Added large educational institutions,
    continuing with our mission to provide
    competitive technology to
    organizations helping others.
  • Happy Birthday!
    UIS Technology Partners celebrates
    20 years of offering IT Services!
  • UIS Deploys Thin Clients!
    Donate our thin clients to help our non profits
  • Supported 25% more users
    Helping more users with their technology!
  • Expand Data Center
    Expand the Data Center to have capacity for additional users
  • Covid-19 Rapid Response!
    Quickly developed solutions to help our clients on the front lines successfully transition to various forms of Remote Work. 
  • Opened LA Office
    Expanded our client coverage area to include Southern California
  • Enhanced Cyber Security Solution
    Added an expansive cyber security solution to our Managed Services Solution