IT Services for Accounting Firms

Outsourcing Your IT Department Saves Money

Firms that have already outsourced their IT department know that outsourcing saves money.  For those that are still employing an internal IT department and are considering outsourcing, the general rule is that a company saves about 50% by outsourcing IT, as compared to employing internal IT staff.  The reduction is from three main areas:

  • Savings from not paying employment benefits of your full-time internal IT staff;
  • Savings from not double paying for internal IT staff and additional consultants that your internal IT staff must hire when they do not have the knowledge or experience to solve more complex problems (our IT staff has expertise in almost all areas of IT); and
  • Savings from paying for IT services only as needed, rather than pay IT staff when they are idle.

Accounting Firms and IT Outsourcing

As you know, accounting firms are dependent on a stable network and computer system.  Whether you are assisting individuals or businesses with bookkeeping services, preparing returns or representing clients at tax audits, or assisting with financial or estate planning, your CPAs and staff are completely dependent on their computers to keep them working so they can make their deadlines.  UIS Technology Partners understands the importance of maintaining secure and stable systems for its clients.  Since we have worked for accounting firms, law firms, medical offices and other professional offices since our founding in 1996, we have experience with most accounting software currently used. Our software expertise includes:

  • Lacerte
  • Quickbooks
  • CCH products, including Prosystems fx Tax, Engagement, Fixed Assets, and XCM
  • Peachtree
  • Tax Tools
  • Ultratax
  • Ultratax Planner
  • Microsoft Office
  • Word Perfect

We offer affordable monthly IT maintenance agreements including server management, network management, desktop maintenance, help desk support, IT strategic planning & budgeting, asset management, telecommunications management, Voice Over IP phones, complete system documentation, and printer repair.

We are also able to offer services in the form of special projects, including office location moves, conversion from analog or digital phones to voiceover IP technology, creating a paperless document system, and set up of a virtual office so any document can be accessed from any computer in the world from a secure server based on the same level of security used by banks and financial institutions.  A virtual office means that your accountants and staff can be productive whether they are traveling.
Do you have a different need? Contact us, we can help!