IT Consulting California – Mid-sized Business IT Support Services

UIS can provide customized IT support at an affordable rate for businesses with 30 to 100 employees in the Bay Area

If you run a mid-sized business, with 30 to 100 employees, you are often caught in the squeeze between having an in-house IT department and outsourcing. A skilled and capable IT Senior Engineer costs around $125,000 per year to keep on staff (and more when considering benefits) – however the bulk of your IT support needs do not require a senior-level engineer. During major infrastructure upgrades and software upgrades, your IT department probably cannot handle all of the work. The result is that many mid-sized companies have an in-house IT department that is under utilized most of the time, but overworked some of the time. The result is inefficiency at both ends of the spectrum.

There are two ways IT Support San Jose UIS Technology Partners can help. First, we can be your complete IT department,outsourced for a fraction of the cost. We can provide full time desktop support, regular server maintenance and can handle all of your major service needs. We can do all of this because when you choose UIS, you actually get a team of engineers who address your needs rapidly, anticipate future problems and have the skill set to tackle major upgrades. Second, we can augument your internal staff. Under this scenario, your IT staff will be our liaison to your organization, and we will be called in as need to provide subject matter experts (SMEs) and consulting services when major new IT investments are being contemplated.

Deciding whether to outsource IT or not can seem challenging, but for nearly any organization with less than 100 people, you will get better service and save tens of thousands of dollars by outsourcing. Feel free to read our article: To Outsource or Not? Also, take a look at our Service Plans, and see if your IT department can do all that we can do!

Mid-sized business often face unique hurdles, which can include:

  • Planning for growth – UIS can help you implement scalable technologies so that you don’t have to over-invest in IT infrastructure, and instead can expand your systems as needed
  • Hosted Services IT Outsourcing San Francisco UIS can host your Microsoft Exchange Server, your VoIP Server, and even your entire office network. Rather than purchase a set of servers at thousands of dollars each, IT Consulting Bay Area UIS Technology Partners can host all of your connectivity needs for a low monthly cost. This will save you hardware costs as well as maintenance costs.
  • Technology Assessments – UIS can offer your business a variety of technical assessments, which will allow you to make informed IT decisions.

Some other areas that may be of interest to you include:

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