Greening your Business

Reduce energy and materials waste by greening your IT infrastructure

Greening your office is a cost effective and painless way to reduce your company’s energy bills and contribute to a better environment. UIS Technology Partners can assist your company’s efforts to go green, by conducting a Green IT Assessment.

Most office environments still do not control energy waste, in spite of the high cost of electricity. In fact, most employees do not turn off their computers or peripherals when they go home for the night, or even when they leave for the weekend. One reason is that people do not like to wait for a computer to reboot every morning. Most offices are not even occupied more than 50 hours per week, which means that energy is being wasted the other 118 hours per week, more than two-thirds of the time.

IT Outsourcing San Francisco UIS Technology Partners can automate energy saving practices across your entire office environment, without burdening your staff. Some of the actions we can take include:

  • Programming all computers to power down at night and power up in the morning, resulting in a 50% energy reduction immediately.
  • Replacing power strips with new, smart power strips which turn off peripheral devices when the main computer is shut down.
  • Presetting printers to print double-sided by default, so that paper consumption is reduced.
  • Increasing the lifespan of older computers by repurposing them as server-driven virtual machines.

There are many steps that can be taken to green your office and reduce your carbon footprint. With UIS as your partner, you will be able to implement cost effective strategies quickly and confidently.