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UIS can provide customized IT support at an affordable rate for businesses with 10 to 30 employees in the Bay Area

If you run a small to mid-sized business, with 10 to 30 employees, it is often hard to get quality IT services and support. It certainly would be too expensive to have an in-house IT department, but how can you obtain top level services without paying thousands of dollars per month? One way is to sign up for our Gold or Silver Service Plans, which are geared for small to mid-sized organizations. Theycombine a low monthly fee with regular maintenance of your network to keep your organization running smoothly.

Small and mid-sized business often face unique hurdles, which can include:

  • Planning for growth – UIS can help you implement scalable technologies so that you don’t have to over-invest in IT infrastructure, and instead can expand your systems as needed
  • Hosted Services – UIS can host your Microsoft Exchange Server, your VoIP Server, and even your entire office network. Rather than purchase a set of servers at thousands of dollars each, IT Consulting Bay Area UIS Technology Partners can host all of your connectivity needs for a low monthly cost. This will save you hardware costs as well as maintenance costs.
  • Technology Assessments – UIS can offer your business a variety of technical assessments, which will allow you to make informed IT decisions.

UIS Technology Partners started out as small one-man operation back in 1996, and we have not forgotten what it was like to build a company from the ground up! Give us a call and let’s discuss ways our company can help yours grow.

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