IT Support for Government

UIS provides technical support and advanced systems for Government-related sectors

As the biggest employer in the public sector, the government is constantly seeking ways to get more value and benefits for their services.

Outsourcing of government services is predicted to be the next big service trend. Departments such as the US Navy and Air Force need a lot of technical support when it comes to the transmission of voice and data. Other departments such as the US Postal Service or the Department of Motor Vehicles need advanced network systems to be productive and efficient. UIS can provide you with technical support and advanced network systems.

Whether you work for the DMV in San Francisco or for the U.S. Federal Governemnt, UIS Technology Partners can help with full IT Support services.

Reasons to Outsource Government Services:

  • Focus on protecting the people
  • Address budget and cut costs
  • Demand for complex technology
  • Engagement in high tech projects
  • Maintaining a complex infrastructure
  • Concentrate on delivering services to citizens
  • Advanced telecommunications and network systems
  • More flexible and efficient than in-house IT

How UIS IT Support Outsourcing can help you:

  • Centralized network infrastructure
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Data network
  • Systems management
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Network security
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Virus detection, elimination, and prevention

UIS has a team of expert engineers backed by years of computer, network, and technology experience that is well qualified to take on all your IT needs. An entity like the Federal Government is such a complex system that would only benefit from outsourcing to experienced engineers. Contact us today!