Online Backup

Accidents happen.  Every established business needs a backup plan for securing company data.  UIS provides online backup service, also known as Storage Guardian, to store your data remotely.  To begin, UIS will analyze your network and compile your company data into a detailed report.  This benefits you because you will be able to see what is important to back up, instead of paying for something you don’t need.

Online backup will restore your lost data when needed.  Your data can be stored on your local network, which can be retrieved quickly and effortlessly.  Even an entire operating system can be retrieved.

Online Data Backup provides the following benefits:

  • Simple installation – UIS will simply install our software onto your server – one server is enough to save your entire network.
  • Quick recoveries – Our advanced technology shrinks data so it can be easily sent to the data centers and quickly retrieved when  needed.
  • Customizable – We will cater to you by creating customized solutions to meet your business goals.  We know each company and network is different and we make every effort to be a part of your team to understand your needs.
  • Flexible plans – Pay as you go for what you need or pay a predictable set fee for unlimited data.  Either way, outsourcing to UIS will be much more affordable than managing and staffing your own online backup service.