Staff Augmentation

Expand your IT staff affordably and without permanent hires

IT Support Bay Area UIS’ Staff Augmentation Support Model looks to build long-term relationships with enterprise-level businesses and organizations that would like to add a layer of support with Subject Matter Experts to streamline their IT management infrastructure.

Having staff augmentation in place allows a “pay as needed” model for highly skilled personnel. The lower salary costs allow business owners to concentrate on growing their market, not their overhead.
By using UIS’ Staff Augmentation Model you can:
  • Reduce Overhead Costs – Staff augmentation services help you to reduce company overhead costs associated with maintaining full-time staff such as benefits, federal, state, and local taxes as well as payroll taxes and other expenses associated with staffing.
  • Utilize Highly Specialized Skill Sets – By using our staff augmentation service you have access to a wide variety of skill sets that may otherwise be hard to locate depending upon your geographical area. We also understand that you may only need some of these hard to find skill sets for short term projects and can supply you on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Achieve Business Initiatives – When you use our staff augmentation services it frees up time for your regular staff to work on important business initiatives that are essential for growing your business and maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.
  • Improve Application and Network Performance – In today’s current economy with budget cuts and staff shortages it can really take its toll on your IT department. Many IT professionals are over extended leaving little room left over for application maintenance and network performance. By using our staff augmentation IT services we will ensure that your IT applications stay updated and your network performance remains stable.
  • Deploy New Applications and Technologies Quickly and Cost Effectively – As your business expands it is important to be able to roll out new applications and technologies quickly without extended downtime. At UIS, we can guarantee business continuity by deploying our IT staff augmentation services to help you take your business to the next level.
  • Comply with Corporate Policies and Regulations – Remaining in compliance with corporate policies and regulations in addition to external compliance requirements can be time consuming. We can provide you with highly trained staff that is ready and capable of helping with this critical aspect of company operations.
  • Manage Business Expansion Cost Effectively – When your business undergoes expansion we understand that this is not an overnight process. UIS can provide you with the staff you need when you need it which allows you to grow as your business grows. This reduces the exorbitant costs of having to implement the infrastructure you need both now and in the future.
  • Reduce Time Consuming Hiring Processes – At UIS we understand that finding the right skill set can be challenging not to mention spending time on the hiring process. Our staff augmentation services allow you to focus on the important aspects f of company operations while we do the hiring and screening for you. As a result, we provide you with highly skilled professionals and oversee the management of the staff we provide for you.
  • Save on Training Costs – We understand that in today’s high tech world that strategies and methods are constantly changing. UIS can cover the training needs for the professionals we screen and hire to provide the updated skills you need to grow your business.
  • Improve Business Workflow – Gaps in skill sets, employee turnover, and many other factors can affect the day to day processes for your company. Staff augmentation services help to ensure your business workflow is continually productive and free of distractions and interruptions.
  • Reduce IT Costs – Depending upon you’re the size of your company you may not have the resources to deploy and maintain the IT infrastructure which is necessary for today’s workflow processes. By using our staff augmentation services at UIS we can provide a versatile environment which is staffed by highly skilled professionals.
We can also customize staffing according to the individual needs of each company. Contact UIS today to speak with us about your staff augmentation needs.