Fully Integrated Remote Offices and Mobile Device Connections

UIS can fully integrate home offices, remote offices and mobile devices with your existing network

Do you have staff that travel frequently? Do some of your key personnel complete work at home after hours or on the weekend? If your company has mobile personnel who frequently work outside your main office, then you most likely would like a way for your staff to efficiently complete its work. A remote desktop solution allows your staff to connect with your office network & utilize all of the applications and files that exist within your office environment – without installing or maintaining separate copies on the individual devices.

In what is possibly the most remarkable advance in business solutions in recent years, Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Service (also known as a Terminal Server) allows a seamless integration of your office at any location. Remote Desktop also saves your company time and money, because no software or files reside on the client computer – that means that updates, upgrades and fixes can be done at one central location, and all of those improvements will instantly become available to any computer connected through Remote Desktop.

Another advantage of using a terminal server is that your company can utilize older and less expensive desktops or laptops – that is because all of the processing is being handled by your terminal server, leaving the remote desktop free of heavy hardware requirements. In many cases we are able to extend the useful life of desktop computers by 5 or more additional years simply by employing a terminal server solution.

If you have not explored what a Remote Desktop Solution can do for your company, we urge you to research the topic or contact us IT Support San Jose for information.